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Il Giro d’Italia reveals greatness. Its varied profile and duration peels back the defensive layers riders use to mask weakness and lays bare a rider’s true self. It is not enough to simply be a great climber, a great bike handler, a great tactician, or a great time trialist, one must layer each complimentary discipline and build a cohesive, excellent whole. Past champions have used excellence in one facet as a foundation to build their successful campaigns. If a rider is able to hone their skills and piece them together successfully, they may be lucky enough to don the Giro’s leader jersey: La Maglia Rosa.

At the shop, Maglia Rosa NYC has adopted this layered approach in our effort to create unique bikes and unique in shop experience. We view building a bike as similar to building a great rider and this process starts with an excellent foundation. Maglia Rosa NYC believes that ensuring every bike starts with a high quality frame provides just such a foundation. We view each frame on our shop “roster” as the answer to a series of questions about riding style, terrain, and prospective use. We carry small frame runs from the finest custom builders in the world and this allows us to offer the ideal mix of geometry and materials for any rider.

With a solid foundation in place Maglia Rosa NYC is well suited to make sure that the final ride is as purposeful as your frame choice. We want to build bikes that perfectly blend performance, durability, and, of course, aesthetics.

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